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Our Story

Plant Option, headquartered in Surat, Gujarat is one of the horticultural growers in India. The company sprouted in 2018 when we have purchased 1.00 Acres of land in Village. Vadod (Surat) to Grow fresh, Vegetables in the winter and summer. That soon morphed into houseplants, and the Plant Option started innovating and introduced New houseplants.

We grow a stunning variety of Indoor and Outdoor plants to help ensure you can grow plants successfully. We’re always working on putting together new plant collections that make it easier for our customer to pick the plants that are right for them.

For example, Our Air Purification Plant collection has the varieties of plants so that our customer can find best tolerate neglect Plants. Our plants represent some of the most beautiful, interesting, and colorful varieties available. To ensure you have a good experience with our houseplants, we acclimate our plants from Surat conditions to those of the average household environment before shipping them to the stores.

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