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Love Plants or Passionate about Plants? So do we!

The Plant Option, as we consider ourselves growers of Indoor and Outdoor plants that we ship to our customers across India. If you like to see our Various plants collection visit our facility at Village. Vadod (T. Olpad), Surat and for sure you will surprise with our Plant collection for Home, Offices, Stores, Restaurant, Hotels etc. It is our goal to help you with your favorite Indoor plants, Outdoor plants and garden of your dreams.

We as Plant Option Providing a Wide Range of Natural Products to our Customer like, Indoor and Outdoor Plants, Planters (Pots), Garden Tools, Related Services including Landscaping, Vertical Garden, Green wall, Kitchen Garden, Plants on Rent, Fruits and Vegetables Seeds, Seedling Trays, Fertilizers, on field Training and after Sales Service to our Customers.


To Provide Best Planting Experience to Our Customers in Terms of Plant Selection and Services at Competitive rate.


Plantoption.com Foresees to Build Trust, Long Term Value for its Customers and Develop Strong Business Relationship with Our Customers, Vendors, Commercial Partners and other Participating Businesses.

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